Her story

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You can’t help but smile when you see ‘the daily life’ of Inez on canvas: paintings that make you feel good inside. Not just because of the use of a lot of red, but especially because the paintings show situations recognizable to us all. Inez was born in 1951 in Utrecht and has been creative her whole life. She expressed this creativity through her work in education and in different sculpture classes, but she never really experimented with painting – brushes and white canvasses stayed locked up. In 2005 it was about time to get them out of the closet. The positive reactions, the pleasure and enthusiasm Inez has for painting have led to an explosion of colourful paintings: canvas after canvas.

Inez has customers from all over the world and she recently published her own reading books for children: "I wanted to bring art and children together. In the adventures of Sammie, a little boy lives together with his parents above a museum. Every night he quietly steps out of his bed and he sneaks through a hidden door to the museum. Every night he goes on a fun, sweet or exciting adventure in one of the paintings."